Vaulting Corneo-Limbus – A Scleral Lens Bridge Too Far? Proceedings of the International Forum on Scleral Lens Research

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Jan Bergmanson


The original scleral lenses (SGP), fitted over a hundred years ago, were designed to vault over the cornea and limbus and to land on the conjunctiva over the sclera. Among current SGP practitioners there appears to be a general agreement on the validity of this approach, so the philosophy of the desired SGP fit has not changed in this respect. Yet the SGPs available to practitioners come in sizes typically ranging between 13 and 20 mm in overall diameter. This reality may be interpreted to mean that there is a huge individual variation in the corneo-limbal diameter or that there is a disagreement on what this dimension truly amounts to. The purpose of this article is to establish what it is that we know and what still needs to be determined.


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